music ministry you can turn to


An infallible person is one who is unfailing in effectiveness or operation. Such is the
music and ministry of Chris “C-Micah” Morris. Growing up in the church, C- Micah
witnessed the soul saving power of God. Starting in his own home, C-Micah watched
his parents stay in fervent prayer seeking the ways of God giving up the things of the
world. Their testimony had a strong impact on him so much that after high school he
attended Rhema Bible College. However, the traditional pulpit was not where God
wanted C-Micah to preach. Just as Jesus used a boat to teach the multitude, C-Micah
uses his mic.Never knowing that by taking a friendly bet to rap with friends, C-Micah’s Christ mic led
him to spread the Gospel internationally and share the stage with Gospel heavyweights
like the Ambassador, Mr. Del, Group 1 Crew, and Canton Jones. He is featured on the
2009 and 2010 Holy Hip Hop Compilation and K-Drama’s We Fit: The Workout Plan. It
is not surprising that he has received a 2011 Holy Hip Hop Honor and a 2009 Inferno
Award for Best Crunk Single.Yet, with all these human accolades, C-Micah is only concerned with the Heavenly
rewards, to make disciples out of men, women and children and lift Christ to the fullest.